Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a question of mistaken identity…

So… my sister-in-law, Terri, and I often share book recommendations. We both snarf down books like its going out of style. Keeping up with our ravenous appetites can be tough.

I was excited when she told me about a book that she’d recently loved. She said that the title was “Green Dolphin Street.” Now, seeing as our local library often does not have books that I hear about and would like to read, I was super excited when a search promptly pulled up the title. Bingo.

I went to the library, and I got it. I started reading. It. was. awful. The central theme of the book was a justification of adultery, plain and simple. Lots of intellectual justifying of the goodness of this affair, etc., etc. I kept reading, growing more and more puzzled. It was awful… but Terri had recommended it, so there must a plot twist, something, anything. Nope. Awful from start to finish.

My opinion of Terri’s good book judgment suffered. We don’t always like the same books, but she hasn’t ever recommended a book before that was mainly a justification of sin.

Sooo…being the obnoxious person that I am, I casually mentioned on Facebook chat that I’d despised her recommendation. Told her I couldn’t get past the adultery plot, since it was central to the book.

She appeared puzzled. She had not remembered adultery being the main theme of “Green Dolphin Street.”

Something clicked. I asked her to give me the author’s name, please. Elizabeth Goudge is the author of “Green Dolphin Street.” The book I had read was written by a man.

I read “On Green Dolphin Street” by Sebastian Faulks. Not the same book at all. My husband did a lot of laughing about this one. Terri, my opinion of your taste in books has been redeemed. =)

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Terri said...

I still can't believe you read the whole thing! You should have called to chew me out around p. 85 at least :)

Vance had a good laugh at that one, too...