Friday, July 23, 2010

Young fishermen….


A week at the homestead with the cousins is a perfect chance to make sure that the boys get to fish. Uncle Richard’s little “lake” yielded up some lovely brim. I was told that Seth caught 10 of them himself, and he didn’t want to quit and go home… Papa was beaming with pleasure at the thought of many future fishing expeditions, I’m sure.


Seth didn’t watch the deboning. I’m not sure he’s ready to see exactly what it takes to get the fish from the lake to the table. But a fresher fish dinner is hard to imagine…. With a generous splash of canola oil and some cornmeal, you have a meal fit for two proud and hungry little boys.


And here we have the first taste of the fish he caught “all by myself.”


“Mmmmm! Makes me big and strong!” =) The end.

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