Saturday, July 24, 2010



We’re settling into a comfy weekend here. Just a time of being us and hanging with all the secure, simple pleasures of home…

If I’d posted my status on Facebook last night, it would’ve read: “Watching Star Wars while crocheting on my new niece’s baby blanket.” =)

Terri has proven her commitment to the homemade baby blanket concept enough for me to pull out the ol’ crochet hook again. Both Isaac and Claire’s blankets that I made for them are their worn out loveys. You’ve earned it, sis. My hat’s off to ya. I made both of my boys’ blankets, and they’ve never been washed. I don’t practice what I preach about using them. =)

Spent some time at the local pool this morning. Seth and I had a date while Evan slept and David trimmed the hedges. The big boy belted out “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” while playing with a toy squid. I’m sure that the other pool goers were wondering exactly what kind of church we attend. =)

Nope, nothing that traditional. I’m not a traditional church girl. Our church rocks out. But… we have a Baptist hymnal, and every night, David and Seth go through it and pick out songs to learn. They should learn “Trust and Obey” next week. That’s one of my favorites.

I’m attempting to make baked potatos in the crockpot. We’ll see how it goes. The thought of turning on the oven on a 100 degree day just didn’t sit well with me. I’m going to make chili to put on top, and I hope to have enough left over to send to Wendy next week with whatever other new baby meal I bring. Anyway, if it turns out well, I am itching to have a baked potato party in the fall. I could have each person bring a different fixin’, and maybe I could borrow an extra crockpot…

David and I are planning our first weekend away in TWO YEARS. I can’t wait. We are LONG overdue. =) We usually get away once a year at least, but this is what happened this time: We buy a house, I get pregnant, we move, it’s winter, I start getting fatter and grumpier, we have a baby, I nurse and can’t pump enough milk for a weekend away, and the long and short of it is, two years have now passed.

We’re looking forward to seeing the blue water below without the adorable little boy in the picture…. =)

And that’s enough randomness for now. The end.


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