Wednesday, July 07, 2010

beach bound….


Yup, we’re beach bound tomorrow…. It sneaked up on me! Lately, it seems like we have to be careful not to plan too far in advance because something work related could come up. So… that means we don’t plan very far in advance at all, and then, BOOM!, its vacation time. Making packing lists today….

Realized lately that I’m coming out of a blah stage. I think its lasted about 2 months, maybe more. When I realized that I wasn’t terribly excited about spring weather or playing in the park or going to the pool, I got a little worried. I thought, “Well, I guess this is my second summer doing this now. Maybe its just becoming predictable or something?” Nope. I just had a mild case of the blahs. Who knows why? Maybe tired or frustrated or worn down with everyday life?

Well, the blahs are lifting. I’m finding renewed joy and excitement in my adorable boys. I look more intently at them these days, finding new dimples and freckles and varieties of smiles. I’m a less crabby mommy, and I can tell a difference in the way they respond to me. I want to be a fun mom all the time…. I really do! But I’m in this flesh, and it doesn’t always happen. Gotta learn to be ok with that.

It’s going to be such a great family beach trip this year! Evan will get his first roll in the sands of N.C. beaches. I’m excited to see what he’ll think of it. There will be cookies and popcorn and movies in the evenings. Seth will get to enjoy sparklers…. and maybe his first ever movie night after his little brother goes to bed. I’m ready to drink it all in, down to the very last drop of tiny boy happiness….

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