Thursday, May 20, 2010

nice to be home…

It’s nice to go away. And it’s nice to come home. At least part of the reason you go away is so you can come home and have a renewed appreciation for it. =)

We have hardly anything to make a complete meal here, but there was a frozen meatloaf and some stray red potatos in the pantry. Those are in my oven now, meatloaf on a rack, potatos cut, canola oiled and salted, and I’m hoping David will smile at the smell when he walks through the door. The baby sits with his Cheerios a couple of feet away.

Lots of laundry whirring away in the hall off the kitchen. Double stroller sits in the shade by the curb from where it served as seating for the Seth and Tricycle show right before naptime. Anniversary roses are slowly opening on the kitchen table…

Pretty blue house with white flowered hanging baskets and red impatiens by the door… I do love thee.

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