Tuesday, April 27, 2010

diaper bag preparedness…

I was re-packing my diaper bag this morning, and I started thinking about what a blessing it has been lately to have what I need in there for unexpected occasions…

For instance, we got to church and found out that it was our co-teacher’s birthday. We decided to go out to lunch with her. I prayed that I’d remembered to re pack the baby food… and I had! Yeah!!!!

So, items that a mom with a 3-year-old and a 10 month old should have in her diaper bag at all times:

Baby food for one lunch or dinner out

Spoon for baby food (Boon spoons are awesome!!!)




Change of underwear and pants for 3-year-old

Plastic produce bag (for any kind of accident)

Change of clothes for baby

A couple of small cars or other toys

Granola bar (for Mom or toddler)

A plastic bag full of Cheerios


Cell phone

Small camera (in its own compartment where it will NEVER come into contact with water)

Small makeup pouch filled with sundry essentials, feminine products, hand sanitizer, kleenex

Sunscreen stick


And for the car…. always have a plastic ball and a plastic shovel available for any emergency playground digging that must be done. Sun hats for both boys also always stay in the car…

Anything that you would add?


Shannon said...

I think you included everything I carry around in the diaper bag/backpack...I also always have a roll of paper towels(for impromptu picnics)and some bottled water in the car.

Leslie said...

Ooh, granola bar for mom! Good idea. Ha, seems the first thing I'd forget is something for ME. Well, my bag does has antibacterial wipes for me, but that's probably because I'm into supporting LifeLogic. Believe me, my bag is all about baby.