Friday, March 12, 2010

Things to be thankful for today...

1. That this week is officially over...
2. That Evan is very forgiving and loving, even when I growl at him, bark at him, and generally show him that I'm very exasperated with his __________ (bad sleeping, bad napping, waking his brother up with his over-the-top screaming, knocking over of things with lightning speed, etc., etc. Because, of course, he's out to get me, you know. Yeah, that must be it.)
3. The total awesomeness that is my husband, who is currently upstairs bathing both boys in the same tub. Splash zone!!!
4. Chocolate chip cookie dough...
5. The fact that I could care less that the dust bunnies have taken over upstairs...
6. Two healthy little boys who were very brave at their doctor checkup today. Evan is a healthy 17 pounds, and Seth is my string bean at 27 lb. They both got a shot and handled it very well.
7. A tiny dum dum pop after said shot for the big one.
8. That my husband still thinks I look good, even though my clothes still don't fit, and I carry a decent bit of my extra weight in my face. Because that's where it goes first. And I hate that.
9. Nowhere to go tomorrow.
10. Twinkly lights that are still up.
11. A decent solution to a knotty, nasty problem created by a spiteful (and I really mean that) person at work. Easter plans shall not be ruined after all.
12. That life is not really as bad as this list makes it look. =)

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