Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi, y'all. We're having some bee-you-ti-ful weather around here. We spent the whole weekend outside, it seems. Seth had his very first corn dog at the park on Saturday night, and he liked it. I was sooo proud. =)

Evan weighed in at 17 lb. at his 9 month check up. He's started saying real words! His first word that we can tell was related to an actual thing was "kit cat." He got very excited when the cat walked into the room and started repeating it. He can also say his brother's name. Almost every morning, after he nurses, he says, "Set, Set," a few times. It's really early for such good talking, but he's a little conversationalist. He makes lots of excited jabberings and noises all day long.

We have a basket that I've filled with baby toys, and I just move it around to wherever I am during the day. He'll get bored with one toy, and I'll hand him another. He'll make noises like he's cooing his approval of the new amusement. He likes to take things out and occasionally put them back in now.

In unrelated news, I think I've decided that I prefer the casual drop in and impromptu dinner to planning something out. We had a couple of friends eat dinner with us at the last minute on Friday night, and it was so fun and casual. And a neighbor and friend dropped by while on a walk recently, and I really enjoyed just throwing open my door and saying, "Come on in! So glad you dropped by." In our culture, most people plan their lives to the hilt. There are some friends that we have to get on our calendar a month in advance, or we won't see them. I've decided that I'm opposed to this in principle. We should all scrap our calendars and just fly by the seat of our pants, wandering around town, dropping in on people willy nilly. And we should cheerfully bring our dinner over to a friend's house at the last minute and have a potluck with them. The end.

I have no idea if Blogger is going to decide to run all these paragraphs together because I've dared to put a photograph on this post (one reason why I've been more scarce on this blog lately), so I shall stop now. Besides, the small one at my feet is now tired of his plastic giraffe. He's been gnawing on it for awhile, because, oh yeah, he's getting his first tooth!

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Paula said...

That is great, Ellen! Evan sounds so cute and the talking is wonderful! Give him and Seth a kiss for me. The picture is so cute! I wish I could kiss him!!