Monday, January 11, 2010

Cute baby pic of the month...

Ah, sweet Evan Vance. At 7 months, he is a happy little bundle of energy. When I say he's a bouncing baby boy, I mean it literally. He loves to bounce himself up and down on the laps of anyone that will let him, squealing and babbling the whole time. At 13 lb., 4 oz. at his 6 month checkup, he fell right on off the growth charts. We produce "less than 5th percentile" babies in this house. And you gotta love the sweet potato tan. At this point, he stubbornly refuses all attempts at feeding him green vegetables.

Other loves include: the doorway bouncer (which he uses with gusto), grabbing and batting at anything within reach (we've had two full bowls of baby food oatmeal hit the floor this way), straining sideways and then launching himself out of the Bumbo, shaking rattles vigorously, and babbling excitedly at anyone that will make eye contact with him.

He also adores: his mother, his two middle fingers, long walks on the beach or anywhere else, squash, baths, tight hugs with both arms around the neck of whoever is holding him, sloppy kisses, and hitting his brother in the head.

Dislikes include: being put down, being alone at any time, not having something to put in his mouth, his brother taking away his toys, and being denied Mommy's lovely food receptacles for longer than 4 hours at a time at night.

He is my constant companion and best baby bud these days, and if I go longer than a few hours without a snuggle, I miss it. I love you, my little friend.

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