Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mountain vacation?

David came home last night talking vacations... a week in the mountains of NC, to be more specific. He asked if I'd be interested in that. Hello? My name is Ellen, nice to meet you, I think we've been married 8 years now. =) So now I'm frantically searching websites for a cabin rental for a week during peak leaf season in October. Not having so much luck with that... I guess it would help if we were the kind of people that plan our vacations a year in advance.

We didn't do much for fun this summer. It kinda slipped by in a newborn haze, really. But now Evan is getting bigger and happier and sleeping longer, and we're starting to think about being able to do more. David is so tired after his trial, and he just wants to go somewhere peaceful. I think this might be the first week long vacation we've taken by ourselves in at least 4 years, maybe more.

But I'm a little nervous. I want to go someplace pretty, but not so remote that we can't get out easily. I want to hit some apple orchards and petting zoos and pumpkin farms and local festivals, short hikes, etc. I thinking maybe something in Boone or Blowing Rock?

So now I'm asking for suggestions. Anybody have a great area in the moutains that they've loved with small children?

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Megan said...

Its really hard to get a cabin this time of year in the mountains! You might want to try somewhere like West Jefferson. Its less touristy but still beautiful and lots of Christmas tree farms. Sparta is a neat town too. I had to do a lot of surveys up there when they were widening the highway. Highlands is my favorite town in the mountains but probably more expensive. Good Luck!