Friday, August 28, 2009

A bike ride...

Seth LOVES to go bike riding with his daddy. He'll talk about it for days afterward. Last night, I had a photography workshop at the church, so David decided to take Seth out on the bike. We have a bike seat on the back, and it works great.

They usually bike over to the greenway opening near our house. They can do this by riding through the neighborhood and over a bridge that goes over the highway. They only have to cross one major road. It was a little earlier than they're used to riding, right around 5:30. Traffic was heavy. David waited and waited to cross. Finally, the way was clear.

He started off... and the tire slipped. It happened so quickly that there was no time to react. They fell right in the middle of that road. The bike went completely down. David's leg was badly scraped and bleeding. He picked up the bike and headed to the other side as quickly as he could. And no one hit them.

Seth didn't have a scratch on him. Not a single one. David thinks the bike seat must've been the main thing to hit the ground. We are very thankful we got them both nice, big helmets.

David told me about it when I got home. I gave him extra hugs and kisses last night. And I hugged Seth a little longer today and kissed his forehead a little more often and rumpled his hair whenever I passed him in the kitchen.... I'm thankful God had angels posted on that road last night.

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