Monday, April 13, 2009

Lentil Casserole...

I've tried multiple lentil recipes. I wish I could say that I've liked them. I WANTED to like them very much. =) We've tried lentil tacos, which were ok, but the texture kinda got to me. And then there was the night that I make lentil burgers, which are still referred to around here as "gross burgers." I had concluded that the only way I would eat lentils was if they were mixed with some sort of meat.

So I am thrilled to announce that I've finally found a vegetarian lentil recipe that I like and want to make again! Go here for the recipe. I put everything in all at once instead of in phases, and it turned out just fine. And I left out the celery. And I upped the marjoram, thyme, and sage to 1/4 t. And I put much less cheese on top 'cause I'm cheap, and David doesn't like most cheese. It was moist and had a really nice flavor. And I'm sure the baby makin' like a prize fighter in my tummy got some good nutrition tonight. =)


Erin said...

Hey, Ellen. That recipe looks great. It looks very similar to one that my friend tried. Have you, by chance, read the book "More With Less". It is a great book. Tons of great recipes and a great philosophy on food in general. The woman who wrote it is a Mennonite. I went into it looking for frugal ideas but I came away with much more. Just a suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the More with Less recipe...and it is a very frugal cookbook! I just used it to make my own yogurt, since we eat a lot of that around here (in smoothies and such). Not everything in it is healthy, but it's all cheap :)

I love that lentil bake, too! Leftovers at Becca's house inspired me to do it.