Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I was reading the last post and realized, especially given my whining, that the thought that I wanted to raise a woman of God might seem a tad bit laughable. =) I never expected to reach the level of the Moore and Mahaney women, given that I am not approaching that league of godly self denial and acceptance of God's will... just in case you didn't notice.

Maybe what I should've said instead was, "I hoped to raise a shopping/cooking/sappy movie watching/drama queen buddy. And who would grow up to be more godly than her mama. But not too much, so she wouldn't make me feel bad." That might've been more accurate... =)

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Kim H. said...

So sweet! I totally get what you mean... I can't wait to read through more of your blog. I'm so glad that you wrote me!

Your blog is absolutely beautiful... I LOVE the color scheme!