Tuesday, April 07, 2009

At the family homeplace...

David had another work event this week, so Seth and I loaded up the old minivan and came to visit Nana and Papa on Sunday night. Seth has been in heaven, what with "Albert" and getting to "ride big tractor!" and throw balls down the stairs and have them thrown back to him. He thinks the world is his oyster when he's here, which causes other problems, like the screaming of "MINE!" and a marked lack of patience, but we're working on it, and I think things are improving. Time outs have been rigorously enforced against his angry refusals to say "please" and ask nicely for things. He understands exactly what he's doing, yes he does. Sigh.

I thought we would be going back to our house tomorrow afternoon. David's event ended early (a big surprise to us all), and I was thrilled to hear it when he called this afternoon. So here I am, piddling around the house, and the front door opens, and I hear a familiar voice. The man left work early, packed up, and came down here to be with us. He decided to take a couple of well deserved days off! So tomorrow he'll get bacon and eggs and pancakes with strawberries for breakfast, and my parents will pamper him just like they always pamper me. He really needs to rest, so he's going to rest. I don't know when he wants to go back yet, but I know it'll have to be before Sunday. We're scheduled to have Easter lunch with friends who don't have in town family, and I have to cook! =)

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Momma B. said...

What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy some nice family time!