Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It has now snowed 3 times this winter in our little corner of the world. That is highly unusual for this locale. I love waking up to that particular brightness behind my bedroom blinds. The grin on Seth's face when I open his blinds is priceless. "Pretty snow, Mommy."
I had to take a picture of our house. A colonial looks lovely covered in winter dew, dontcha think? The trees were coated thickly this time, and we took a walk down the local nature trail after David got home from work. It was really pretty, though plenty cold. Last fire of the season tonight... Too bad my daffodils are probably toast. =(

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Ruthie said...

Your pics looks like something from Better Homes & Garden! So pretty!

Are you guys unpacked, yet? It took us almost a full year to unpack!