Monday, March 23, 2009

Hallmark moment...

I just had a Hallmark commercial moment. I had to make chocolate chip cookies for a MOPs fundraiser, so I did that during Seth's nap. The last batch came out of the oven when he started crying out to get up.

So I went up the stairs into his room, and he gave me a big smile as he rolled over. He sat up and said, "Mimi and Pop Pop?" (They were here this weekend, and I guess he was hoping they were still here.) I said, "No, buddy, they went home." "Went home," he said. The bottom lip started trembling.

"But guess what, Seth? Mommy made cookies. Do you want to come downstairs and have one?"

Cue violins. The music swells. The little boy smiles. And they go down the stairs together into the sunlit kitchen that smells of melted chocolate chips. She puts the warm, fresh goodness on his tray. "Yummy cookie!" He holds it up with a big grin.

Just call me June Cleaver. And don't ask me what happened when his one cookie was gone. =)

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dmopie said...

Just writing a note to say we prayed for you all tonight at dinner. I organized our Christmas cards (FINALLY), and we select one per night to pray over. You guys were up! Hope and pray all is well there. We miss you here. God bless.