Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sad, sad day for children and learning...

I just found this today. It may be slow loading because there's too much video on her blog right now, but it's worth waiting.

It's hard not to believe my eyes. It's even harder to believe that this is the United States of America. Thousands of beautiful children's books are being thrown in dumpsters across America because of the misguided attempts of idiotic bureaucrats to keep children "safe." They are destroying access to knowledge, often from the poorest children who buy older books at thrift stores, for the sake of some ridiculous and unattainable safety ideal. If you are someone who has children's books to sell or give away, please hold on to them. I pray for a day when sanity comes back to American politicians and it is legal to give little minds the (often) better sustenance of older books again.

I had thought there was a reprieve on implementation of this law. I even read a press release from the CPA to that effect. Guess not...

*I just took 5 minutes to email my senators and my representative. I was respectful, but I did not mince words. We can argue later about whether or not its respectful to call legislation "incredibly stupid." =) You can copy and paste your message and use it all three times. I know that many of you out there feel increasingly angry about what's going on in Washington, and at least for me, the anger leads to feelings of powerlessness that paralyze me. But that isn't the right response, since we're supposed to be citizens of a free democracy where our representatives are supposed to care about what we think. Even if you don't pick up the phone to call, email is still something.

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