Monday, February 16, 2009

Felt butterfly barrettes...

Aren't these the cutest? I was looking at Rocks In My Dryer's links list a few weeks back, and I came across this awesome tutorial on how to make felt butterflies. I don't sew, and I don't have access to cool buttons, but I thought I'd give it a try.

You can get everything you need to make these at your local Michael's. Instead of sewing the felt, I just used Super Thick Tacky Glue. That stuff does not come off, and it'll hold the barrettes on the back, too. You can buy little bags of buttons of different colors. I used a dime as a template to draw the circles that I glued the buttons onto.

It's very important not to miss the step of buying stiff felt for the backing. And if you're going to use a light color, like pink, for the felt butterfly on the front, buy white stiff felt for the backing. I also got a couple of tiny magnets, so I may make some magnet butterflies.

I've been in a crafting/nesting mode lately... Gotta hold off on buying more craft supplies in the future until we get the ballooning "eating out" budget back under control... =) I'd been slackin' in the kitchen...

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