Friday, February 27, 2009


My wonderful husband comes home, takes his off Friday, and what do I make him do? Clean... =)

But I hadn't cleaned the shower since we moved in, and I was starting to name the mildew patches and be thankful that I don't take a shower each morning wearing contact lenses. I can't use anything with fumes to clean, and my shower laughed maniacally at my all natural cleaners.

That's how it started. It ended with David spending this afternoon on his hands and knees in our kitchen. But thanks to this terrific product, our white kitchen linoleum no longer looks damaged. I kid you not, there was a trail of brown scratch marks going all across the floor from the back door to the living room. We both really thought it was dog scratches that would never come off. Well, Krud Kutter got it off. I wish I'd taken a before shot. The floors look clean for the first time since we moved in. And my goal is that nobody in this house ever has to do it again. Poor guy...

But I feel sooo much better about how it looks. I know; I'm obsessed with clean floors. It seems that I only get more OCD the older I get. Ask my mother sometime about the state of my room as a child. I think she thinks someone gave me a brain transplant while I was in college.

I guess the only bad news is that my chances of getting new non-white linoleum anytime soon just went to about nil. Oh well... =)

And now I shall go outside to play with my husband and my little boy. And listen to the birds that seem to love this end of the cul de sac right now. And enjoy the bed of daffodils that have come up right behind my kitchen window. Happy Friday, everybody!

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