Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're not at VBS...

... because Seth has a stomach bug. He threw up on Tuesday night, had a pretty good day yesterday, and is currently lying listlessly in his bed. Poor baby. He doesn't want to get up at all today. Please pray for him. I've never seen him this sick before. He usually is still up for playing, even if his tummy isn't up to eating anything but crackers.

I'll be cleaning today because we're having company tomorrow. My closets are finally starting to get on my nerves, and the bathroom is nasty. But, I shall leave you with a link that I got from Sallie, who is blogging again. Anyone remember A Gracious Home from my sidebar?

She led me to this site. I thought it had some really interesing insights about being a stay at home mom. I read this page and then kept clicking. Try out the 5 missing pieces link at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!


The Mom said...

Thanks for that link - a very insightful look at life for stay at home moms.


Brandy said...

I've been thinking of Seth today. Is he any better?