Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ordinary Wednesday...

Dum de dum de dum... It's just an ordinary Wednesday around here. I took a meal to a gal who just had a baby in my MOPs group, and we stayed and played until it appeared that our presence was no longer required. I am super sensitive to that, or try to be, when someone has a new baby. Sometimes they want you to hang around because they hate being cooped up in the house, and sometimes they're so tired and stressed that they just want you to leave the food and go.

Anyhoo... after that, Seth had his short morning nap, I fed him lunch, and then we picked up Sarah and headed to Target. Seth did really well. At this point, I pick up random items from the Dollar Spot up front for him to play with while I shop. Today it was a lint roller, a plastic cow, a plastic tractor, and a dust mitt. After each thing hits the floor twice, then we're on to something new.

I also let him get down and crawl some. He can really make time. Sarah may have been nervous that he was going to make his way all the way to the door, crawl out to the parking lot, and drive the van home by himself before I picked him up. It's definitely a new challenge for me. A couple of sweet, non mom looking gals (they looked well rested and well dressed) behind us at the checkout made a barrier with their feet so he couldn't get out of the lane while I paid for my purchases. And since Sarah is currently great with twins, I'm not allowing her to pick up my 25ish pound child. Anybody have any theories on the best, most humane way to handle toddlers in the store?

Now, we're back home. He's down for the afternoon nap, and I made this for dinner. It looks like it's going to be wonderful. Beautiful table presentation, and it makes a lot. I left out the cilantro, since people either love it or hate it. And I thought the green onion was enough, so I left out the red, too. I have my mentoring gal coming over for dinner... And its the season for ice cream sandwiches now, so we're having those for dessert. Yum.


Daiquiri said...

Hi Ellen :)

Thanks for dropping by and for the link. How did it go over? I hope everyone enjoyed it! It's one of our favorites :)

NotTheMama said...

Hehehe... Suckers work wonders in the shopping cart! Or more healthy gummies... Or any snack that isn't **too** messy (like a 2-year-old with a sucker isn't messy? hahaha) and baby can hold and eat alone. Those little star puff things actually make a decent snack. (I admit that when my nephews were eating those, I stole some banana flavored ones from them!) Distraction is the key!
The best thing my sisters have found, though, is back-up!! ;) I had 2 nephews (ages 2 and 4) in the mall today while my sister was getting her hair cut... We got some cookies and icees, rode the little rides, and walked/ran/chased each other in a non-busy, uncrowded part of the mall.... Needless to say, the kids LOVE going to the mall with Aunt NotTheMama!! ;)

rebekah said...

Ok, so I finally got around to making this dish. It was delicious! I left out the cilantro and olives; what a yummy find. Thanks for posting this!