Monday, June 02, 2008

Guess who just...

... finally learned to crawl on his hands and knees! Oh yes, people, yesterday was a big day in this household. At the ripe old age of 16 months, Seth has arrived at knee crawling. He is no longer shackled to his old combat style. He has moved on. In honor of his new achievement, I got out the Megablocks I'd been saving for a special day like this. And, as there are a bajillion of them in the plastic tote bag, we are also learning how to put our toys away before going down for a nap. Big doin's, I tell ya.

We went to a Sunday school planning meeting at our church last night. Seth stayed in nursery for a little while, but I went and got him, and he played on the floor while we talked. It was then that we realized that he was doing more than the single one knee, two knee, collapse, thing we'd been seeing for a few days. He went 10 feet down the hall on his knees. He's our superstar!!! =)

It was a great weekend, but relatively exhausting. I LOVED hanging out with the MOPs leadership team. There was no lack of good conversation. We got to hear how everyone in the room came to know Jesus, and there were some really awesome stories there. We spent some time in prayer on Saturday morning, and it was the sweetest group prayer time I've had in I don't know how long. I had come back from Friday night's session really late, though, and it was an early morning. By Saturday afternoon, I needed a nap. Everybody got one, and we woke up groggy, but we had company coming over in 30 minutes. I love how I overschedule. =)

Oh, since I asked for movie recommendations, I've been asked what type of movie I like. David and I like quirky films and romantic comedies. Nothing bloody or gory. M. Night Shamylan? is as spooky as it gets for us. Some of our favorite movies... Raising Arizona, The Princess Bride, O Brother, Where Art Thou, Napolean Dynamite, Nacho Libre (me, mostly), The Importance of Being Ernest...

Oh, and the picture above was taken a few months ago when our gigantic azalea was in full bloom. I love this shot.


Sarah Shingler said...

No blood and gore ? Shoot!! I was sure you guys were into that...

Wendy P. said...

-The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
-Leminy Snickets
-Jane Eyre (it's old, it's BBC, and it's long, though...but great...)
-The Princess & The Pea
-Hotel Rwanda (not sure of the rating, but a great story)
-Little Children (not sure of the language; can't remember)
-The Maldonado Miracle
-Mr. Bean's Holiday
-Charlie/Chocolate Factory
-Over the Hedge
-Nanny McPhee
-Memoirs of a Geisha
-Walk the Line (not sure of language)
-In America
-Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
-Stranger than Fiction
-In Her Shoes
-Music From Another Room
-Coach Carter
-Antwan Fisher

Just a few. :) You may've seen some/many. I'm not responsible if you hate them!!!

Brandy said...

What a wonderful photo of Seth!

Okay, I don't know for sure that you will like these movies (which are in my own queue, meaning I might not have seen them yet!), but your genre picks at least let me know what to leave out.

-Pride & Prejudice
-Sense & Sensibility
-Family Man
-Babette's Feast
-Mostly Martha
-Sweet Land (one of our faves!)
-Miss Potter
-The Prestige
-Nicholas Nickelby
-An Ideal Husband
-Danny Deckchair
-Dan in Real Life
-Get Smart