Friday, June 13, 2008


This day hasn't quite gone the way I planned. =) I was supposed to have my nephew, Isaac, and my niece, Claire, come to stay with us this afternoon while Vance and Terri were at a rehearsal and dinner. But... this morning we woke up to a big flea problem. I had noticed that the flea medicine we've been giving the cat seemed to have stopped working for whatever reason. I hadn't let her in the house for several days.

I can't figure out why, but it seemed like the fleas in our house decided to show themselves this morning. I had no idea we had so many! I had 6 jump in me in an hour time frame. I picked a couple off of Seth, one that jumped on his face! That was the last straw! I called Orkin. They wanted to charge me $250 to come out and fumigate. So... off we went to local Home Depot. I got a couple of flea bombs for $10.

We had to change around the plans. Seth and I are over at Terri's dad's house. Her kids are currently crying. They are supposed to be napping. Hopefully, they will quiet down again soon. I'm supposed to give them a few minutes before I get them up. =) And my neighbor should've gone over and opened all the windows and turned on all the fans by now. I'm praying this has helped the flea problem and that it doesn't smell too nasty when we got home tonight.

The good news is that David is coming home early today from his trial! He has to go back for closing arguments on Monday, but I'm so glad that he's home for the weekend.

If anyone knows anything about how to get rid of fleas, let me know. Any experience with the bombs? I guess I'm hoping somebody will tell me that my house won't smell like a toxic waste dump when I get home tonight. =)

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Momma B. said...

I don't know about flea bombs but I bet they aren't much different from others. You shouldn't be able to tell that you set it off. Except for all the dead fleas! ;)