Thursday, June 12, 2008

First swim of the summer...

Today was our first swim of the summer. It's been unmercifully hot here, nearly 100 degrees most of this week. Sarah and I headed out to the pool this morning. She's watching a cat for friends who live in a community with a lovely private pool, and we got to tag along. It was wonderful! There was only one other lady there with her grandkids, and we got to talk and bob in the cool water to our hearts' content. Poor Sarah. She said she felt like her normal weight in the pool, but coming out was hard because she felt those heavy twins even more afterward. Only 7 weeks left until those twins don't want to go in the water anymore! =)

Last summer, Seth wasn't too interested in the pool at our apartment complex. He would cling to me and cry when we went in together. He was better with the baby pool there. My, the difference a summer makes. He can still wear the same size swim diaper I bought him last year, but he's much happier to be in the big pool. He fussed some after awhile in his floaty, and I let him get out and crawl around a little bit and eat soggy Ritz crackers. Sarah was about to gag, they looked so gross. If anyone had told me a couple of years ago that I'd let my baby eat wet cracker bits off a concrete poolside floor so he'd be happy and I could stay in the water a little longer, I would've shaken my head in horror at them. What kind of mother does that? This kind, apparently. =) It'll build his immunity. Yep, that's it. I just care about him having a healthy immune system.

Anyhoo, he got back in after all the crackers were gone. Yes, I let him eat all of the ones in the little baggie that I brought. Bad mommy. =) We discovered we could keep him happy if we floated him back and forth between us. Now that was the ticket. He was Captain Seth of the Baby Flotilla, conquering the waves created by benevolent pool goddesses, tossed about by their whims. We kept that going for 30 minutes, and he squealed the whole time. I love Walmart. This baby float is perfect, and it only cost me $3.50.

So that's how I spent my morning, watching the baby enjoy the big pool for the first time, talking about anything and nothing with my oldest friend, and to top it off, getting "cheap" gas on the way home. We were out of town a little ways, and I filled up for $3.89 a gallon. Sweet!

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