Friday, June 06, 2008

Doctor's visit...

Well, I kept Seth's doctor's appointment for today. He was so much better with his teething/cold by last Saturday that it seemed safe. He's been in a great mood all week, zooming around on his hands and knees, and squealing with joy at everything.

I talked to my doctor about the vaccination schedule, and he was great about it, to my relief. I chose to give him two shots today, and he'll get two more at the next visit. I'm pushing off chicken pox until he's 3 or older. The shots that I chose today were ones that vaccinate him against diseases that are currently being seen in children in my town, so it felt best not to wait on those. We're waiting on the polio booster until later because children aren't getting polio here currently.

Seth is a skinny minnie! He's just about 21 pounds, in the less than 5th percentile for his age. However, his height is in the 38th percentile. The doctor smiled when I told him my husband is 6'1" and weighs 155 pounds. Looks like somebody is going to take after their daddy. The doctor was great about waiting and talking to him for a little bit before closing in with the ear thingy and the stethoscope.

I did think it was funny that he was concerned that Seth might have a hard time with the examination because I stay at home with him. He thought he wouldn't be used to other people. The doctor's daughter stays home with her kids, and he's told me before that she's looking for ways to get out more. I told him that for me, staying at home means that we start from home and go everywhere together. =) Seth did great with the exam, and he appears not to remember his fall from the last time he was there. So far, so good.

Please pray for David this next week. We're going to my home town for a wedding this weekend, and Mom and Dad are keeping the munchkin while we go. But... he has a trial starting next Wednesday, and he's getting stressed about the prep for that. There's just a lot to do to schedule witnesses and pull together exhibits. Oh yeah, and pray for us while he's gone. I hate having him away, and he'll probably be out of town for the trial for most of the week.

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Brandy said...

It sounds like you have a good doctor! I am glad for you.

I have to admit I am curious what diseases they are seeing in your area. Our area recently saw an upswing in meningitis. I don't remember offhand which vaccine was supposed to help with that--HIB perhaps?

Q. is skinny, too! She is 17 months and 19.5 pounds. They should be friends. It'd be a fair fight. :)

Hope your weekend wedding was beautiful...