Thursday, January 03, 2008

I love consignment sales...

Last night, I went to the grand high lama lama of consignment sales. Seriously, I have been to many consignment sales, and this was by far the best one that I've ever seen. It filled up an entire building at the fairgrounds. There weren't just 3 riding toys, there were over 100 riding toys, sometimes 15 of the same one. There were so many toys that they had to categorize them by name brand. Just about every toy that I've thought I'd like to get for Seth in the next year was there, and there were multiples of them at different prices. All dirt cheap... I was riding a thrifter's high last night. This made my week, month, etc.!

Since moving here, I was told about this sale by a couple of people. One of my new friends told me that it was worth it to volunteer for it so that I could get in early to the volunteer only presale. I was skeptical. I've never seen a sale before that I thought was worthy of giving up 5 hours on a Saturday. But these sale zealots were so enthusiastic for their cause that I signed up. Lemme tell you, I will cheerfully serve the teeming masses on Saturday for this. Again and again. In my sale euphoria, I went online and looked up the approximate retail prices of my finds to figure out how much I'd saved. Most of the time, I could find the exact same item online. The following prices are retail:

Mega blocks wagon: $25
Rock n' ride trike: $49.99
play phone: $10
Parents bee bop band: $42.99 on Amazon
shape sorter: $8
Doodle Pro: $20
xylophone: $12
pop-up toy: $12
indoor riding toy: $25
puzzles: $20 approx.
books: $30 approx.
dump truck: $15
see n' say: $12
floppy cart cover: $40
pound a ball: $16.79
dragon pull toy: $10
4 Carters rompers: $28
Leap Frog farm animal magnet toy: $15

Grand total retail: $389. 77

I paid..... $92.00. The most expensive items were never more than $10 a piece. And most toys were in the $2-4 range. The Floppy was a splurge at $10, but I think it'll be worth it for the padding in high chairs at restaurants. And since I think Nana will give me some money so I put her name on the birthday tags for some of this stuff, and since Seth's great grandma will give him some birthday money, my out of pocket expenses will probably be more in the $50 range. Whoopee!

Don't worry, my friends. Seth will not be getting all this for his first birthday. It would probably put him into a materialistic orgy that would make him melt down in a fit of overwhelmedness. No kid needs this much for their birthday. It's going into storage, and items will be taken out one at a time throughout the next year and a half, as he gets ready for them. But I'm so glad I have them all ready for him, and I'm so glad I paid so little for it all! So get thee to a good consignment sale. And if you live in the Raleigh area, get thee to the Kids Exchange sale! Even though I've already taken everything you wanted, there's still plenty left that you didn't even know you wanted until now. Hee hee.

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