Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Becoming more net savvy...

Ok, so I was at Rachel's last night, and she was helping me become more net savvy. I am pretty computer inept, and to me, this blog is just an online journal with photos. I don't know how to do much of anything else with it. I'd love to figure out how to make a customized header, but that would require me to remember some of the HTML that I promptly forgot after my web design class 9 years ago, so... it hasn't happened. If anyone would be generous enough to help me, please comment. I'd love the help. I'm not proud about this thing. =)

But I digress. Anyway, Rachel showed me a bunch of cool things, and since she was there to walk me through it, I actually achieved some proficiency and didn't give up right away with shouting and scowling, etc. So I shall tell you about my latest discoveries that all of you have known about for ages... So don't laugh; it's new to me.

I discovered Netvibes! I LOVE it. I signed up for Bloglines, and I absolutely hate it. Hate, hate, hate. I think the format is complicated and stinky. But this, I love. It's extremely user friendly. I can make a customized page for myself with my local weather, my email, and best of all, all the blogs that I check regularly, all there. It is super easy to add feeds, and everything is in it's own separate rectangle that I can move around easily. I even have a little "to do" list rectangle. It's fabulous. I love lists. I put "take shower" on my lists just so I can have the pleasure of checking something off. I'm neurotic.

I was also introduced to the addictive pleasure of Sitemeter. I hemmed and hawed about signing up. Rachel gently led me along the path to destruction. =) I really don't want to care who is visiting my site or how often. I don't want this blog to ever be about increasing my popularity. But I did realize that it might be useful to have the tools to be able to figure out who is visiting in case I ever have a problem with internet security. Knowledge is power, and I have been a bit wilfully ignorant. This way, I can have a way to fix something if I have a problem, instead of sitting around, biting my bottom lip and wondering what to do. I've already lost my password, so who knows if I'll be able to check it. Rachel, I know you're shaking your head. Maybe you can help me fix it tomorrow, huh? Love ya!

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