Thursday, November 08, 2007

On Rules, Rules, Rules...

David got home, and he talked me out of my tree. We both agreed that I was blowing today's episode out of proportion. We figure that I'm still feeling raw and new and unsettled, despite the fact that most days lately, I do pretty well. I guess I forget that I'm extra sensitive until something like this makes me blow my lid out of proportion...

And to finish the story, the lecture this morning hit several points that made me realize that I do have to let this go with grace. Here are some select quotes from my notes:

- "We have to battle through our moods. Get your eye of the problem and onto Him."

- "Elijah should've gotten his mind on all the ways God had provided for him in the past."

Ok, I know God's trying to calm me down here. =)

*****So I shall let this go the way of all flesh and concentrate on the next big thing... our impending trip to Texas. "The stars at night, glow big and bright, (stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp), deep in the heart of Texas." We're going to see Kelli and Danny and clan! Unfortunately, our adventure will begin far too early in the morning tomorrow. We have to get Baby up to go to the airport by 4:30 a.m. Grrrr. But hey, it helped save big money on plane tickets. And we'll get there early. I may have to drink my weight in Dr. Pepper to make it through the rest of the day, but that is an option. =) Please pray that Seth will handle the flight and the sleep disruption with miraculous cheerfulness. Or miraculous sleepiness. =) I don't want our fellow passengers to escort us off the plane with torches and pitchforks at 20,000 ft. So, see ya later. After Monday for sure.********


Shannon said...

I relate SO much to your first post...I've been in a few strikingly similar situations, and as I read, I found those emotions rising in me again...even after all this time! It's so tough to feel singled out, unwanted, and a nuissance, especially being in a new place. I admire the grace you're exhibiting (and so took me a while), and it really is worth it to keep on keeping on.

I'm praying for your trip, that everyone is healthy and flexible. :) If y'all have any extra time while you're out here, maybe you and Kelli and me could get together at the park for a little while or something (and small children are welcome! Haha.) I understand how busy visits can be, though, and I totally understand if you all just want to hang out and enjoy some refreshing family togetherness. :) Enjoy your time in the Lone Star State!

Paula said...

Hey, I am feeling extremely selfish now. I just read your rules, rules, rules post and wanted to apologize for dumping all my problems on you once again. I should've asked how your day had been already since I obviously hadn't read your blog today. That is bad. I sure hope someone with pull reads your blog. Hugs to you. I will be praying for y'all and for Seth to do well on the trip. Love you, Paula