Friday, November 23, 2007

My Hero...

My dad is my Hero of the Day! Because of him, I've been sitting by a toasty fire while Seth naps. He managed to diagnose our incompetence and fix the fireplace problem. I was afraid to let him at first, but his confidence was contagious. We didn't open the damper long enough last time before we lit the fire, so the cold air pushed the smoke out into the room. He opened it for a few minutes this time, and voila, beautiful fire, no sooty smell.

Mom and Dad watched Seth so David and I could have a lunch date today! I went and met him at work, and we ate at this great Mexican restaurant downtown. It's called El Rodeo, and it has the best chimichungas I've ever eaten. Mmmm. It was cheap, too! I've decided that after you have kids, anything that you do together alone without them can be considered a "date." Driving to the office to pick up some paperwork at night? A date, if no children come along. A 15 minute walk around the block? Date. Getting the oil changed, picking nits out of each other's hair... date, date, date... you get the picture. =)

I came back to a lovely scene. I smelled the fire as I walked up the walk, but when I opened the door, I saw the fire, but smelled nothing. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be, huh. Such a novel idea, smoke going outside... Seth was playing with a toy on the floor with Mom, and Dad was reading by the fire. Mmmm. What a peaceful family scene.

Now Seth is waking up, and it's time to feed him... I hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend as much as we are. I wouldn't be caught dead shopping on Black Friday, but if you've scored an incredible deal or two, more power to you. I don't have that much strength of purpose. Enjoy!

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Momma B. said...

Yay for daddy's who can still be our heros and husbands who aren't threatened by it!

A cold front moved in here and it dropped over 30 degrees. We spent one very cold night and finally decided to turn the heat on. :} Of course, nothing! Dan and Bill worked on it and then we prayed. And the next try, it worked! One more thing to be thankful for! Everytime it comes on now, I lift up a little prayer of thankgiving!