Thursday, November 29, 2007

Having Fake Thanksgiving...

I'm at my parent's this week for Fake Thanksgiving, so I will be scarce until next week. Seth and I have been visiting since Tuesday night, and David is coming tonight (YEAH!!), and we'll go back after Vance and Terri and Zack Zack leave on Sunday morning.

Some random observations... Some almost two year olds talk A LOT! Zack is Mr. Chattypants from the time he gets up until he goes to bed at night. It sounds a little like this: "Truck! Truck! Car! Nice dog! Nice dog! Hot! Fire! Nana! Papa! Dog! Big Tractor! Big Tractor! Outside!"... repeat, etc. Seth is overwhelmed by all the verbiage coming forth from his big cousin. But he likes the hugs, and Zack is learning that he can't take Seth's toys away from him unless he wants him to cry. Aunt Terri has promised Seth that she will be taking the quick and dirty way to favorite aunt status- sugar coma. I have to watch her like a hawk to make sure that she isn't giving him spoonfuls of corn syrup. =)

Thanks for all the support on the church thang. It's nice to know we're not alone. We visited a place that we are interested in visiting a couple more times this past Sunday. Another random observation... has anyone else noticed that Calvinist men have a more serious demeanor than Arminian (sp?) guys? I can't make this a generalization across the board, since my brother is a very cheerful Calvinist, but I am wondering if Calvinism tends to attract serious young men who take things with a tad more earnestness than the goofy Baptists I have tended to be used to in the past. You'd never see a Sunday School class named the "Happy Adults" at a Calvinist church. And yes, that is a real Sunday school name from a Baptist church we once attended. I'm thinking Calvinists would be more likely to have a Sunday School class named this: "Sanctification and Justification: Discuss Their Deep and Profound Meanings to the State of Your Eternal Soul." Here's a big hug to all my Christian brothers and sisters, Arminian and Calvinist alike. We've got to be able to poke fun at ourselves; it's so much more fun than letting other people do it for us. =)

Told you this would be random... Catch y'all later!


Shannon said...

I had to laugh at your Calvinist/Arminian observations. I grew up in a staunchly Calvinistic church where the finer points of doctrine were debated with great zeal and gusto. My parents have recently informed me that the adult Sunday School is still plowing through an in-depth study of the Westminster Catechism...which they began over 2years ago! They like to poke fun at their Arminian brothers (which they accuse my dad of being) since he is more "liberal" with his beliefs about free will...and with smiling. Haha!!

Have a wonderful "Fake Thanksgiving!"

gerlthouse said...

Yes, and about 3/4 of Calvinist men sport beards :) Not my Calvinist man.

Wendy P. said...

Well good grief! How long does this Fake Thanksgiving last, exactly?! Why does it seem to be longer than the real one? Come on now, we need updates & pictures! :)

Of course, my condolensces if someone choked on a Fake Turkey Leg to cause a delay in your posting...(hehehe)